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Physicians have long used intravascular filters (IVC) to reduce the risk of blood clots which could travel to the lungs or heart.  An IVC filter is an umbrella like metal mesh filter placed in the abdominal veins to capture any potentially deadly blood clots from traveling into the heart or lungs.  These IVC filters were routinely used following bariatric surgeries, however, their placement may actually increase the risk of death in morbidly obese patients.  A study at Johns Hopkins found that more standard treatments with blood thinning medications and early ambulation coupled with the use of leg compression devices may yield better – and safer patient outcomes for bariatric surgery patients. Temporary Blood Clot Filters May Do More Harm Than Good for Bariatric Surgery Patients – 05/29/2013 (

If you are planning to undergo a weight loss bariatric surgery, you should fully discuss the surgical plan with your physician, including what precautions are the safest to prevent post-operative complications from blood clots.

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