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For a few years now, Apple has been developing and rolling out health and fitness focused apps.  With its most recent operating system update, the tech giant is now offering enhanced wellness-centered features.

One of the major updates allows the sharing of a user’s health information.  For the first time, Apple Health app users can allow family members or medical providers access to their data.  Six electronic medical records (EMR) companies are already on board with Apple’s program.

It appears that more health-related offerings are on the way from Apple in the near future, as well.  Several reports point to a mental health monitoring application being developed that could potentially sense signs of depression or cognitive decline.

Apple isn’t the only company to provide health-based software and hardware.  Numerous technology outfits are churning out connected products that can help users and their doctors recognize, diagnose, and treat health issues large and small.

There are some downsides to constant monitoring, and the best tech is still not an appropriate replacement for focused medical care. Always consult a qualified medical professional for individualized health concerns.

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