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Safety First When It Comes To Enjoying Your Motorcycle

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Warm weather has finally arrived in Michigan, and if you listen closely enough you can hear thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts revving their engines with glee. As the temperature increases, so does the number of two-wheeled vehicles taking to the streets. And more motorcycles means more chances for injury.

Don’t get me wrong. Motorcyclists themselves do not seem to be any more or less careful than automobile drivers. The problem is a matter of physics: there is simply less vehicle to absorb the energy of a collision when a motorcycle crashes. Instead, the body absorbs more of the force, often leading to severe trauma. Motorcyclists can suffer disastrous injuries even at low speeds. Broken bones (particularly in the lower extremities), soft tissue injuries, and traumatic brain injuries commonly result from motorcycle accidents.

If you enjoy motorcycling, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself. Take the time to learn your bike and gain experience in safer conditions. Always wear a helmet and protective clothing. Perhaps most importantly, be a cautious, defensive, and courteous driver (just as you should while driving an automobile). Safe motorcycling will help you enjoy your passion in the summers ahead.