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MSC Justice Robert Young a Friend to Big Business

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Enormous corporations seem to get all the breaks. From bailouts to legal protections, big businesses are treated more favorably these days than ordinary people. If Michigan Supreme Court Justice Robert Young is re-elected this November, Michigan residents can expect more of the same.

Justice Young, a former insurance industry lawyer, has consistently voted in favor of big business at the expense of innocent victims. As we have seen in recent months, big businesses such as BP need to be held accountable for their actions. Given Justice Young’s voting record, Michigan residents should be concerned:


In 2008, Michigan residents voted for a fair and balanced Supreme Court by electing Diane Hathaway to Cliff Taylor’s seat. Young, who almost always voted with “The Sleeping Judge” Taylor, would continue to protect insurance companies and other large corporations. This November, you will have a chance to say “enough is enough” and elect a Justice who will protect you and your family.