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Judge Permits Lawsuit Challenging AIG Bailout To Continue


A U.S. District Judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit brought by a Michigan man against the government bailout of failing insurance giant, American International Group (AIG). The man’s lawsuit, filed in December 2008 in Washtenaw County, argues that the bailout is illegal because it violated the Constitution through the promotion of a particular religion.

Specifically, the Michigan man believes that the government promoted religion through its bailout because AIG has financial products that comply with the principles of Sharia in the Islamic religion. The government maintains that the bailout was not a promotion or endorsement of any religion.


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  1. Dan says:
    up arrow

    It seems that some people have anything better to do. How is this law suit going to change anyone’s life.

    What a frivolous mess! Furthermore, I can’t believe that a judge would uphold this law suit and let so much of our tax payers money get wasted. Instead of applying these funds to something more constructive like a case with merit, this judge is letting this AIG suit move forward. Talk about a judges with an unfounded sense of reality.

    First there is the lunatic plaintiff, then his bottom feeding attorney and the a crazy judge. It sounds more like a horror movie then a reality.


  2. up arrow

    AIG certainly needs to be sued for their abuse of policy holders and injury victims but this case does eem a little sideways to me.