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71-year-old Employee Hasn't Missed a Work Day in 43 Years

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We all have those days when we just don’t feel like going in to work. Here’s a little inspiration to get you through those times and help you get to work: 70-year-old Rhea Holt hasn’t called in sick in 43 years. Holt works as a mechanic repairing big rig trucks at Autow Truck Rental and Leasing company in Nashville, TN and has reported for duty every work day since he was first employed on March 26, 1966.

Holt attributes his no-sick-day record to a "strong work ethic" and also jokes that his wife has too many "honey-dos" for him to attend to even if he was to stay home from work. He’s even outlasted the original owner of Autow Truck Rental and Leasing Company, who hired Holt four decades ago and is now retired himself.

Co-workers say that Holt is an inspiration. In fact, two other employees with a total of 71 years of work combined for the company, have only missed 13 days. Other employees add that Holt brightens up the company with his positive attitude and good sense of humor.