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Richard Carpenter MD; Lansing MI Area ENT Surgeon, Arrested for Illegally Obtaining Drugs in Florida


Dr. Carpenter kind of dropped out of sight from the Mid-Michigan area with rumors of him suffering from end-stage prostate cancer. This was not the first time talk around town included him treating for cancer. He was affiliated with Mid-Michigan Ear, Nose and Throat, P.C. Currently he has at least 3 medical malpractice lawsuits pending against him in Michigan courts. Only time will tell if the story I stumbled on in the St. Pete Patch bears any relationship to him professionally.

According to authorities, Dr. Carpenter has illegally obtained more than 500 Valium pills since October 2012. Apparently he was living in St. Petersburg and practicing as a surgeon at Baypines VA. He is charged with 5 counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and using another doctor’s name and DEA number to obtain the prescriptions illegally. Otolaryngology (ENT) surgery requires the utmost care by a surgeon as you typically work so close to the eyes, brain, and nerves that run throughout the face and head.

Drug-addicted doctors can cause serious injury and death. They must be held accountable. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or died while under the care of Dr. Carpenter, I would be honored to help you find out if you were a victim of his medical malpractice or negligence. You can email me at dmittleman@churchwyble.com or call toll free at 1-888-227-4770.


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  1. Michigan says:
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    How do we find out about the malpractice cases and the attorneys handling them? Many patients have been seriously harmed by him but all thought they were the only one until now.

  2. Cynthia says:
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    Leave the Dr alone! He practiced in MidMichigan for many
    Years serving many people regardless of their ability to pay.
    He has cancer and deserves his privacy and dignity.
    You are just trying to make money off his misfortune.
    He hasn’t been convicted of anything!
    Shame on you all!

  3. Nurse says:
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    Mr Mittleman
    What a shark! Dr Carpenter is one of the kindest most capable
    surgeon I have ever seen. How thoughtless of you. He is dying from cancer and you are advertising for clients . He is
    not impaired. I know your wife Jill has cancer and probably
    metastic from her records. Hopefully someone will post something bad about her!, So you can relate

  4. person says:
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    Dear Nurse,
    So are you saying that if a man with cancer commits murder we should let him off scott free. Or if a man with cancer rapes a women, again let him off? Having cancer doesn’t give you a reason to knowingly endanger peoples lives while practicing medicine under the influence of narcotics.

  5. Former patient says:
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    As a formor patient of Dr. Carpenter I now know that my constant complaints after surgery done by Dr. Carpenter are warranted. When I continued to see him post-surgery and complained he would only tell me that it would heal. That was 3 years ago. Since then I continue to hear horror stories. Thank God he’s been stopped before doing more damage to innocent people!

  6. Michigan patient says:
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    My 22 year old daughter has been suffering for 4.5 years because of bauched surgery by Dr. Richard Carpenter in Dec of 2008. We have seen several specialists throughout Michigan and none will touch the mess. We have been told that the damage is so severe that corrective surgery only has a 50% chance of being effective and the recovery could take months. Shame on Mid Michigan ENT for turning their heads to what was happening there in their practice for years. His whole surgical team should be held accountable. Where is the integrity in medicine?

  7. Social Worker says:
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    Dear Nurse,

    My mother, Jill is a survivor and the furthest thing from a criminal! You are a health care provider and patient advocate, show some respect.

    The people of Michigan have the right to know about ethical concerns surrounding their health care providers.

  8. Big daddy says:
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    My wife seen this doctor and he made her terrified of doctors.He is a bad joke for a doctor.

  9. up arrow

    Michigan…U can contact me directly re other cases pending against Dr Carpenter,i have the list
    Cynthia…Dr Carpenter has seriously harmed a lot of people,i will try and help as many of those people as i can
    Nurse…My wife Jill is doing well and cancer free for the last 14 years thank G-d,i have passed on your comments to her
    Former patient…sorry to hear and i agree w U
    Michigan patient…again sorry to hear and U are so right
    Social worker…thank U for the support,i love U
    Big daddy…sorry to hear,if there is anything i can do,let me know

  10. Angie says:
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    Check his reviews on Angie’s List. The guy is a butcher.

  11. missy says:
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    They need to find a new office manager that’s for sure!!!! HUGE turnover at that office all due to the office manager, Jill…

  12. Kathy says:
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    We agree with Missy
    Dr C was the only decent one in that.
    office. He really cared about the staff
    and patients. He also would do anything
    for you He has been quietly battling
    cancer for some time and was probably
    under a great deal of stress the past
    few months. He doesn’t deserve anything
    but to be left alone

  13. Elaine Kritsellis says:
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    My husband and I were both patients
    of Dr Carpenters. We were well taken
    care of and he cured my debilitating
    dizziness. My husband who was a founder
    of Mr Mittlemans and Mr Heos law firm
    would be appaled at how Dr Carpenter
    is being treated. Shame on them!!!