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"Miracle" Baby Found Alive in Morgue

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After believing that they had lost their baby shortly after she was born, an Argentinian couple received a miracle when they went to visit their baby one last time in the morgue and heard her crying. Nearly 12 hours prior, the little girl was pronounced dead by medical staff and the hospital is now under questioning for its near-fatal mistake.

The mother, Ann Bouter, says that the baby was quickly taken away to the morgue after she was pronounced dead. It wasn't until 12 hours later that Ann and her husband were able to visit the morgue to say their final good-byes. When Ann and her husband opened the coffin the baby girl shuddered. At first Ann thought it was her imagination, but then she realized that she was not imagining the movements. She dropped to her knees in disbelief and a morgue worker came over to confirm the baby was alive. Ann's brother rushed the baby from the morgue and called out for doctors.

Ann and her family plan to sue the hospital for malpractice. Ann says she doesn't understand why she wasn't allowed to see the baby before it was placed in a coffin or why she was given general anesthesia this time after she had already given birth to four healthy children previously. Luckily, the little baby named Luz Milagros or "Miracle Light" hasn't needed any oxygen or other supports.