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Michigan Prescription Drug Information

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The Michigan Department of Community Health has recently established an excellent site for comparing prescription drug prices and providing some excellent information and safety warnings – michigandrugprices.com

Staying safe and avoiding most drug accidents and drug injuries happens by taking active steps every time a prescription or over-the-counter medication is considered. The most effective way to avoid drug injuries is by taking the time to talk to your doctor and pharmacist. Before beginning any new prescription drug therapy, discuss all your current medications and use an updated list every time. While price considerations are important, using the same pharmacy can help keep you safer by avoiding drug interactions. When possible, stick with already proven older drugs and try to avoiding newer and unproven "me, too" drugs.

Another important link – FDA Drug Index can be informative – but I like The Public Citizen’s web site which provides a large collection of consumer interest information to the public. Public citizen has its own speciality website – worst pills – that deals specifically with bad drugs and current drug news.