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Measles Outbreak Spreads from Coast to Coast

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Measles Outbreak in NYC

State health officials in New York recently reported 16 cases of Measles in northern Manhattan and the Bronx, and others say the Measles are becoming a coast-to-coast problem.  The New York City outbreak consists of 7 adults and 9 children, and while 2 of the children were too young for the immunization,  2 others were children whose parents refused to get them their shots.  Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania have also witnessed a Measles outbreak in recent weeks.

Measles: The Contagious Respiratory Illness

Measles is a contagious illness spread through respiration.  Classic symptoms of Measles include fever, cough, runny eyes or nose, and a recognizable rash.  Less severe side effects of Measles include diarrhea to more serious and life-altering ones such as pneumonia, brain damage, and corneal ulceration.  Risk factors for Measles are malnutrition, immun0deficiency, pregnancy and Vitamin A deficiency.  In developed countries such as the U.S., children are immunized against Measles by the age of 18 months.  Un-vaccinated individuals are at risk of contracting Measles.

Immunizations Aren’t Dangerous, Vital to Health

In recent years, there has been more fear about getting immunized against common illnesses such as Measles that were all but eliminated after a shot was introduced to prevent it.  However, with more emphasis on the alleged link between immunizations and health-related problems such as Autism, some parents are fearful about getting their child immunized.  However, it is extremely important to protect ourselves from Measles and other contagious illnesses that are easily preventable.

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  1. dear anne says:
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    so 16 people contracted measles. 4 were not vaccinated. that means 12 were vaccinated (And as the article implicates, they were immunized against the measles.) so why did they those 12 get the measles? the articles never address that part.