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Dangerous Childrens Toys Made in China Recalled

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In what seems like a never ending tale of dangerous toys being manufactured in China, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) today recalled two toys being sold nationwide.  The recall covers two different toys from China that posed a significant risk of choking.  The first toy recalled was a magnetic dart board which raised concerns the tiny magnets could dislodge and be swallowed by children.  This product had been for sale at the Family Dollar from September 2002 until it was recalled. If you are not sure whether this was a product you purchased, you can contact the CPSC at 888-790-2700.

The CPSC also recalled the Little Builder construction toys, specifically the toy cement mixer and toy dump truck, both due to serious choking concerns.  These toys were imported from China by Dalmatian Press and sold at Wal-Mart, Levy Home Entertainment, Lion Sales of NW Brunswick, Farris Wholesale Outlet, Crane Book Sales, Ingram Book Co., BPDI Corp., Books-A-Million and Christmas Tree Shops across the country.  If you believe you may have purchased one the Little Builder products which was recalled, you can call Dalmatian Press at 866-418-2572 or contact them by web at http://www.Dalmatianpress.com.  You can also contact the CPSC at http://www.cpsc.gov/.

Additionally, the CPSC announced a voluntary toy recall of Interchange Robot Toys, which were for sale at Dollar Stores across the country from October 2007 through December 2007.  The CPSC was concerned the toys contained excessive levels of lead paint.  Again, these toys were manufactured in China and imported to the US by OKK Trading.  If you have additional questions about this particular recall, you can contact OKK Trading at (877) 655-8697/OKK-TOYS.