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| Grewal Law, PLLC

During what was supposed to be a heart warming segment on a local television newscast, a reporter was biten in the face by a dog rescued from an icy lake the day before by firefighters. The dog, an Argentine Mastiff, was sitting on the set of "Kyle's Kritters" on NBC's KUSA Denver with the host, Kyle Dyer, when she leaned her face down to kiss the pooch and was bitten live on air.

Naturally, the ordeal went viral on the Internet but the TV station has attempted to yank the segment before viewers could see it again. Dyer was apparently sent to the emergency room immediately after the attack and underwent emergency reconstructive surgery. The 3-year-old dog was taken to a Denver animal shelter and is under quarantine.

Michael Robinson, the dog's owner, was cited under Denver's "leash-law" for not having the dog under control at all times, for allowing a dog to bite and for not having the dog properly vaccinated. However, animal experts counter that Kyle was to blame for putting her face too close to an unfamiliar dog that felt threatened in a new environment. Robinson is due in court on April 4 but the dog is expected to be released after 10 days to his owner. The TV station is reviewing its policies in regards to animals in the studio.

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