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Becky McClain used to work for Pfizer in a laboratory that conducted genetic research. But now she’s suing the pharmaceutical company, alleging that she suffers suffer from intermittent paralysis since she was contaminated by a virus designed at the laboratory. According to her lawsuit, McClain suspects that she was exposed to the virus through work by a former Pfizer employee either in 2002 or 2003. The virus, called lentivirus, is similar to HIV and can lead to an AIDS-like outcome. Medical experts working for McClain believe that the virus has affected the way her body channels potassium, leading to complete paralysis up to 12 times a month. Needless to say, McClain doesn’t work for Pfizer any longer.

Medical experts will be watching closely on Monday when the trial begins. Specifically, the highly anticipated trial could raise important safety practices in the field of genetic engineering. Organizations concerned with workplace safety and responsible genetic research have already leapt on the federal lawsuit, using McClain’s argument to bolster their claims that cutting-edge genetic manipulation has outpaced slower government regulations to protect laboratory workers and the public. For example, Jeremy Gruber, the president of the Council for Responsible Genetics recently stated:

“If a worker in a plant as sophisticated as Pfizer is becoming infected with a genetically engineered virus, then I think the potential is everywhere. Genetically engineered viruses are commonly worked on at your average university. The public has a right to know what regulations are in place and what regulations are required to fix an industrywide issue. We need to have a conversation about this. Ms. McClain’s attempt to do that has been hampered at every turn, by the courts and by regulators.”

Nevertheless, Pfizer disputes all of McClain’s claims and argues that they simply fired her because she failed to show up for work. Furthermore, they also allege that she never linked her condition to workplace exposure until after she was fired. Pfizer continues to vehemently defend its workplace safety practices.


  1. Gravatar for Jennifer Miracle
    Jennifer Miracle

    The McClains suit brings to light an enormous gap in our health safety.

    If a scientist is not afforded the personal protection against bio-engineered viruses then no one is safe….. Will the public notice this?

    Big Pharma must listen to it’s own Scientist and ensure safety first. Cleaning up accidents rather than preventing them is profitable and dangerous.

    The word NOVEL was chosen to represent the new type FLU which recently put us to test , this was our eye opener. It should not be NOVEL to see protection afforded to all Americans by protecting the rights of Bio-Lab workers from Big Pharma Agenda’s.

    We should be as concerned about this case as we are about terrorism. The potential to unleash catastrophes are as great and as in the McClain case shows us, as likely from own Government and Big Pharma Laboratories as it is from foreign and domestic enemies.

    If you did not like getting vaccinated for the NOVEL FLU, take a moment and write your Senator about the lack of adequate protection in Bio-Safety Labs. Call your local newspaper to see why this trial is not the LEAD NEWS STORY or get in line for your next NOVEL FLU SHOT. Your eyes have already glimpsed the NOVEL FUTURE …

    If everyone reading this just would just write a short note and send it out to the powers that be, a catastrophe may be prevented. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing, in this case it is an infectious evil that can result in the deaths of millions . You may even be one of them.

    What is not NOVEL is the fact that true homeland security is in the heart’s and actions or inactions of it’s citizens. If this case ends negatively and quietly for the McClains, we must demand that Pharma Bio-Labs through the country be added to the bio-terror list by Homeland Security for a lack of safety concerning bio-threats as told to us by known reliable sources, our own Scientists.

    Hats off to the McClains for standing up to the Giants for us. The test is continuing, you the citizen hold the key to life and democracy for all of civilization , you must speak up now.

    Demand that Whistle Blowers be protected… Demand a safety overhaul in Bio-labs… No Novel Hell for us….. No Novel BIO -END !!

    Jennifer Miracle

  2. Gravatar for Robin Allanson
    Robin Allanson

    So very well said Jennifer. I'm one of many suffering from Morgellons Disease ,which I'm convinced is caused by all these atrocities being played out with genetic modifications being made to the foods we eat, mutated viruses being let loose, altered this, and morphed that, all of which is consuming every person's body who is reading this today. Some of us can't fight off these environmental toxins while others can... but if you're one of the 30-40% of the population who's bodies lack the gene to fight these toxins off, you're in big trouble. What happened to Becky and what's happening to others around the world becuz of these genetic modifications being made and mutated bio hazzards with NO regulations which are escaping the labs of big pharma's and Monsanto, etc. is as greedy an atrocity as you'll ever find. It's killing us and we need to stand up and fight for our lives. God bless you Becky... we're praying for you and fighting for you. Know that we're right by your side...

    much love ~~ Robin

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