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Widow of Iowa Man Suing Skydiving Company

Three years ago I went skydiving with my wife and children.  It was a great time, but after reading the story of a devastated Brooklyn, Iowa woman, I don’t think I’ll be doing it again.  Wayne Kidrowski, age 56, died in a skydiving accident last year when his parachute accidentally deployed while he was still on the plane and he was sucked out the open plane door.  His parachute was apparently sucked into the plane’s tail before he fell 600 to 700 feet to the ground.  Kidrowski’s wife is suing because she believes the plane operators weren’t in compliance with federal safety regulations at the time of the incident.

Attorneys Cite Negligence of Skydiving Company in Man’s Death

The attorneys for Wayne’s wife, Cindy, allege that Skydive Iowa and its owner, Bruce Kennedy, acting negligently on the day of Wayne’s death.  According to the lawsuit, Kidrowski had agreed to ride with the pilot of the plane, Andrew Arthur, so that the airplane could be maintenanced at a local airport.  However, Kidrowski apparently had no intentions of skydiving that day.  The plane had no seat for Kidrowski with a safety belt because all seats except for the pilot’s seat had been removed.  The plane’s right side door had also been removed and replaced with a “roll-up” style door, which was not used during the flight.  Kidrowski was given a parachute, although he had no plans to skydive.  Attorneys say that the parachute is what ultimately caused Kidrowski to be sucked from the plane and fall to his death.

Average of 21 People Die Each Year in Skydiving Accidents

While Skydive Iowa and Bruce Kennedy refuse to comment on the incident, citing the lawsuit, it is true that skydiving isn’t completely without risks.  According to the director of safety and training for the United States Parachute Association, an average of 21 people die each year in skydiving accidents.  He also stated that most skydiving deaths are attributable to human error, but declined to comment on the specific situation with Kidrowski and Skydive Iowa.  Kidrowski’s death was not included in the total number of skydiving deaths because he was not on a skydiving flight at the time of his death.   However, he did state that it is the responsibility of skydive operators to ensure that they are complying with Federal Aviation Administration regulation and laws.

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