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Train Hits Two Vehicles in Separate Accidents in Meridian Township

In two separate accidents that occurred overnight, two vehicles were struck by a train after the drivers apparently attempted to drive around barricades.  The accidents happened five hours apart at the crossing on Okemos Road north of Grand River.  The first accident occurred Wednesday evening before 11 p.m. and the second at about 4 a.m. this morning.  Both drivers were uninjured, but one was arrested for apparent drunk driving.

Two Accidents Under Investigation

According to early reports, the first driver, a young woman, was able to exit the vehicle after it became stuck on the tracks.  The second driver was not able to exit the vehicle before it was struck, although this is unconfirmed, and survived with no injuries.  The first driver’s vehicle apparently hit a nearby propane tank when it was struck by the train, but crews were able to shut the tank off and a Hazardous Materials team was able to determine that there were no elevated gas levels near the accident site.  The second driver was also arrested for possible DUI, which will be confirmed as officials continue their investigations.

Drunk Driving and Impatience Two Serious Accident Risks

The other day, I wrote about the top three causes of car accidents.  One of the top three was drunk driving, and it goes without saying that it is extremely dangerous to drive even while buzzed.  In addition, impatience while driving can also be a serious accident risk, and this isn’t the first time in recent years where drivers have attempted to surpass train signals and barricades.  It is important to stay alert, patient, and defensive on the roadways in order to prevent accidents with other cars, trucks and trains.

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