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David Mittleman
| Grewal Law, PLLC

Several Delta Airlines passengers got an unwelcome surprise when they bit into sandwiches served aboard flights from Amsterdam to the U.S. According to reports, business class passengers on four different Delta Airlines flights discovered needles in their sandwiches. The sandwiches were immediately turned over to the FBI, which is investigating the incident. One man that was poked in the roof of his mouth is now on anti-retroviral drugs for HIV and other viruses as a precautionary measure.

Delta Airlines says that it is cooperating with local and federal authorities to investigate how the needles ended up in the sandwiches. It also stated that the sandwiches were prepared by Gate Gourmet, a U.S. company based in Amsterdam. Apparently, there were two federal air marshals on one of the flights from Amsterdam to the U.S., but they were not alerted to the incident until the plane was de-boarding. At that point, the federal air marshals turned the incident over to the FBI.

One teenage boy on a flight from Amsterdam to Atlanta also found a needle in his sandwich, but refused to turn it over to the FBI. He says that he will use the needle as evidence in a lawsuit against Delta. Some passengers involved in the incident say that they Delta Airlines flight attendants quickly and quietly took the sandwiches away from them, and that they were initially denied medical access while the FBI questioned them for hours at a time. In addition, the man on anti-retroviral drugs says that he has received no follow-up calls from the FBI, Delta, or TSA since the incident and that the entire scenario makes him deeply worried about the safety of airline foods.

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