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| Grewal Law, PLLC

As the weather continues to improve, more and more motorcycles are taking to the road. In order to keep this hobby safe and enjoyable for everyone, you should take a few moments to review some motorcycle safety tips.

Motorcyclists, you should carefully inspect your bike before traveling. Drive defensively and motor vehicle drivers can’t or don’t see you. Although it seems like common sense, you should become an endorsed rider and familiarize yourself with the applicable laws. And because the bike itself doesn’t offer much protection, wear protective gear, including a helmet, every time you ride.

Motor vehicle drivers, you are also responsible for the safety of motorcycle enthusiasts. Motorcycles are relatively small and can be concealed in your blind spots. They also accelerate quickly compared to other vehicles, so be sure to give yourself extra time before pulling out in front of one. Often, you will be able to hear a motorcycle before you actually see it, so music volume should be kept in check.

Sadly, May and June have seen a number of serious motorcycle accidents in Michigan. At least two of these incidents have been fatal, though they do not necessarily represent ordinary scenarios. Still, these crashes demonstrate exactly how small the margin of error is for a motorcyclist.

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