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Steve Lombardi had a 20-part series on the subject that touched on pretty much all aspects of the wrong way driver. It is still pretty rare compared to most car accident causes, but it’s something that is so obviously wrong there is no excuse for such behavior. I mean, it would be difficult for someone to argue, with a straight face, that driving the wrong way down the street and causing an accident is somehow not their fault. These types of incidents can happen to anyone, just ask former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, the current Republican nominee for Governor of New Jersey.

Back in July 2002, Christie was involved in an accident with a motorcycle when his car drove the wrong way down a one way street. According to the police report:

Veh #1 [Christie] states he was traveling west on Murray St. and was lost. He reached Chilton St. The light was red so he inched forward attempting to make a right on red but never saw the one-way traffic sign. He then stopped upon observing oncoming traffic, Veh #2 [Mendonca] also braked. The motorcycle fell on its side and slid into his vehicle. Veh #2 states he was traveling on Chilton St. when Veh #1 turned in front of him.

This is not the most egregious example of wrong way driving, but it’s certainly something where Christie drove his car the wrong way on a one way street and it resulted in an accident where the motorcycle driver was taken to the hospital. The interesting part is that Christie was not ticketed for this accident. Apparently Christie informed the police officer on scene he was a US Attorney, although it’s not clear this allowed him to get out of receiving a ticket.

I would only add that it’s highly unlikely you or I would have not been ticketed under similar circumstances. I guess if you are going to be involved in an accident when you are clearly at fault, it’s best to be a well connected person of influence. That way you are not going to be held responsible for your actions.

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  1. Gravatar for Steve Lombardi

    There is a trend in this story that weaves it way all the way back through post 9-11 America and the Bush Administration. There are two America's and the one can justify any behavior, even criminal behavior. Thugs in Congress, thugs on Wall Street and thugs running law enforcement; all who can justify a two-tiered citizenry in America. Welcome to the new America. But I’m wondering, which caste you belong, maybe we shouldn’t be talking. ;-)

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