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A recent study by the Insurance Research Council claims there will be a significant increase in uninsured drivers by the year 2010. The study found a significant link between states with high rates of uninsured motorists and high rates of unemployment.

As of 2007, 13.8% of drivers do not have insurance; according to unemployment rates that figure could rise to 16.1% by 2010. An increase in uninsured drivers would most likely cause a rate increase for drivers who actually pay for insurance, in order to cover the added costs of everyone not paying into the system.

In Michigan, the unemployment rate just hit 10.6% for December 2008, the highest it has been since 1984. The national unemployment rate was 7.2%, indicating Michigan is being hit much harder than the rest of the country. This could mean a much more significant increase in uninsured motorists on the roads specifically for Michigan.

Before you are involved in an accident in Michigan with a driver who does not have insurance, you should make sure to protect yourself and your loved ones. Many, if not all, auto insurance companies offer uninsured motorist coverage to provide compensation in the event the at fault driver does not have insurance.

If you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage on your car, you will not have the ability to be compensated for the pain and suffering you may experience as a result of injuries from the accident. It is typically very inexpensive to add this coverage to your car insurance, so if you don’t have it, or don’t know whether you have it, please contact your insurance agent to get more information and begin coverage if you don’t have it.

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