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It's easy to assume that major national disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes kill the most people. While the weather is responsible for the most deaths, it's the weather combined with car accidents that kill the most people. According to recent reports, on average more than 7,000 Americans die each year from weather-related car accidents on national highways.

Weather-related car accidents include those caused by fog, snow, sleet, rain, and slick pavement. And while the media tends to focus on huge multi-car pileups, it's actually the one or two person accidents that make up the majority of the national figure. Until very recently, the weather service did not even report these "smaller" accidents as part of their annual deaths caused by severe weather conditions.

The National Center for Atmostpheric Research might have a solution this major problem. The Center is in the process of developing technology that would allow drivers to see up-to-the-minute information on the road and weather conditions and plan their trips accordingly. The technology, known as the "vehicle data translator" will use wireless technology to use cars as mobile weather stations to collect and relay information on weather conditions. With 250 million drivers on the road, that is a lot of information to prevent other drivers from encountering adverse weather and avoidable accidents.


  1. Gravatar for Harvey McFadden

    During adverse conditions it will often be noticed that it is the rear of a vehicle that loses traction first.

    What the average person and some experts are not aware of is that there can be as high as 950 pounds or more weight on the front axle of their vehicle than the back. So a car that feels like a limousine on the front holds like a golf cart on the back.

    If you analyze single vehicle accidents you will find most of them had better tires on the front than the back or a very large weight difference. In fact the worst balanced cars have 4 times as many fatalities as cars designed with better balance.

  2. Gravatar for Harvey McFadden

    David your information is correct.If you have time to check out lossofcontolaccidents at you will also see it is specific cars that have the most accidents.You can follow car accidents by following poor weather or you can follow bad weather by following models of cars ie. google news "lost control buick"

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