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to a recent study by professors Michael Morrisey of the University of
Alabama-Birmingham and David Grabowski of Harvard Medical School, as
increase there is a decrease in automobile
deaths. A 10 percent increase in gas price resulted in
a 2.3 percent decrease in deaths. Automobile accidents account for
nearly 40,000 deaths per year, and it is estimated the recent gas
price increase to $4.00 per gallon could decrease automobile
by nearly 1,000 per month, resulting in nearly a 1/3

study makes sense if you think about driving habits as they relate to
the price of gas. When gas is cheap, we drive more and thereby
increase the likelihood of being involved in an accident. When gas
is more expensive, we drive less and are therefore less likely to be
involved in an auto accident.

real benefit of increased gas prices is the potential for healthier
lifestyles and a better environment. As people drive less and less
to save money on gas, there is a potential many of these people will
increase walking, biking and other activities as modes of
transportation. Less driving also means less carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere, which is good for the environment. While to pain of
filling up your tank at the pump increases everyday, it is good to
know there may be benefits associated with the rise in gas prices.

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