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Nearly two years ago, I commented on how motor vehicle safety technology was steadily enhancing driver security. Lane departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control, tire pressure monitoring systems, and more help to keep motorists aware of potentially dangerous situations. Continued improvements in technology, plus mandatory installation of devices like Electronic Stability Control, will hopefully result in fewer accidents and less serious injuries.

Of course, advanced technology has been put to more questionable uses. With the proliferation of powerful smart phones, software applications (known as “apps”) have cropped up by the thousands. Some of these apps have been developed to help drivers evade red-light cameras, speed traps, or drunk-driving checkpoints. This is alarming in the sense that drivers may now feel more empowered to break the law, putting other motorists and pedestrians at risk with their brazen and careless behavior. In addition, driving-related apps almost certainly encourage people to pay more attention to their phones than to the road, causing them to drive distracted.

When you’re ready to purchase or lease your next vehicle, carefully consider which safety features are available. Although optional technologies might raise the cost a bit, your investment will be worth it if it protects you from dangerous drivers.

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