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Proposal 6 is yet another example of corporate big shots attempting to dupe Michigan voters into supporting their big bank rolls by making the little guy pay. Proposal 6 has a dubious sounding name, too, that makes it seem like a democratic bill–the "People Should Decide Proposal". Specifically, Proposal 6 concerns the Ambassador Bridge, and on the surface makes it seem like the people should get to decide on whether a new bridge should be built in its place with public funds. The problem is the proposal really isn't about the people deciding at all–it's about billionaire Matty Maroun trying to protect his fortune connected to the deteriorating Ambassador Bridge.

Matty Moroun owns the 83-year-old Ambassador Bridge that carries 25% of all U.S.-Canada trade. However, its location is inefficient for commercial vehicles and it is also in a state of disrepair. To rectify the situation, the governor and Canada came to an agreement to build a new bridge, the New International Trade Crossing, that would be constructed two miles from the Ambassador Bridge. This bridge would be funded by Canada, and federal grants and tolls will cover other costs.

Maroun claims the new bridge is unnecessary, but considering that no business group in the state opposes its construction, you might want to question his claims. Furthermore, campaign finance records suggest that Maroun has spent $30 million on his Proposal 6 campaign. So if you believe that Maroun is really concerned about giving you a voice in the process, I've got a bridge to sell you too.

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