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At least two survivors of now deceased Robert Anderson were sent to him for a physical examination required by their employer. A&L Parts Plus, of Howell, Michigan, and Allied, Inc., of Ann Arbor, Michigan, have been identified as two employers who routinely sent employees to Robert Anderson for mandatory physical examinations. Both men and women have come forward sharing eerily similar ways in which Anderson assaulted them during their medical visits.

Anderson’s status as a U-M Athletic team doctor was widely advertised amongst the employees who were forced to endure Anderson’s assaults. This fact was also used to pacify employees’ concerns that Anderson’s methods were invasive and unnecessary. Reports indicate that Anderson’s “aggressive,” painful, and “creepy” practices were known by employees and supervisors alike at the companies.

When new hires complained, and even became enraged after visiting Anderson, their supervisor agreed and told employees he knew Anderson was a “creep.”

One woman who was assaulted filed a lawsuit in 1995 against Anderson, but it was dismissed. According to the filings, as reported by the Detroit News, Anderson “touched and manipulated her breasts ‘purportedly’ as part of a breast exam, and performed a vaginal and rectal exam.”

How long did companies continue sending employees to Anderson? Did they ever report his behavior to anyone else? These are critical questions the companies must answer.

If you were sent to Robert Anderson for an employment-related physical and believe he acted inappropriately, please give our offices a call. Our trauma-informed team of attorneys is here to assist and ensure that the institutions who allowed Anderson to abuse and torment his patients are held accountable.

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