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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Unsafe floor mats. Sudden acceleration. Now… engine stalls, sometimes during highway travel. Jane Akre of the National News Desk at InjuryBoard first shed light on this breaking story about a federal safety probe. Toyota now faces a list of problems that continues to escalate as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continues to receive complaints about the 2006 Corolla and Matrix.

According to the NHTSA, it has received 26 complaints from owners of these 2006 model vehicles about engine stalls. This disclosure comes right on the heels of a multi-million car recall for Toyota and Lexus vehicles for the design problems that led to unexpected and sudden acceleration that has led to the death of 19 people.

In a year when Toyota announced a huge recall, reported record losses, this is surely not how it wants to close out the holiday season – under fire for safety, long considered a Toyota strength.


  1. Gravatar for bill

    Hey Dave - Does this mean that you will be chasing all the Toyotas on the road instead of ambulances?

  2. Gravatar for Steve Lombardi
    Steve Lombardi

    Bill: Your comment insults the people who have experienced this problem with the Toyota floor mat and who were seriously injured. I had such a client and no one at the dealership would believe her. But it really did happen and continues to happen. Should the lawyers ignore the problem allowing hundreds of people to get injured? Unlike you, my client didn't think it was humorous. I wish people like you would use your legal name so that later on when something happens to you and you run to find "a good lawyer" we can at least point you out as an example. Perhaps that's why you don't use your real name; you're afraid someone might know that you too hire lawyers. My advice to you is simple: get a job and stop loafing.

  3. Gravatar for bill

    Steve - It was an incredibly funny line - and I take great offense to you being devoid of humor. Please also re-read your comments - they are trite, defensive and if written by a 5th grader. But I must admit - the get a "job and stop loafing" line was really witty and well crafted. Did you lift that from one of your closings? You should be limit your public writing because you are not that smart.

  4. Gravatar for Steve Lombardi
    Steve Lombardi

    Bill: Your comment was only funny to a greedy and corrupt minded person. I’ll still accept your apology as I’m assuming Dave Mittleman will. If he won’t I’ll accept it for him. You simply need to admit you’re wrong and your comments shamefully self centered. The words you use in your response shows you are defensive about being called out for making fun of a situation that causes death and people to suffer serious injury; you thought it would work by attacking those who try to protect these people, people just like yourself. You did it probably mindlessly, but then seeing my pointed highly relevant response you felt so small and insignificant; and “greedy”. Yes greedy. Admit it you got caught by no one less than a "greedy" lawyer who speaks truthfully and isn’t ashamed to say he would do the same for you or for your wife or your children or your mother and father. So admit it in your response you showed that the greed factor is deep in you; not Dave. You want us, the trial lawyers to be labeled as greedy, but you know that it’s you that is being greedy. Not me or Dave. You really want something for nothing, a participation trophy, at the expense of those who are injured and less fortunate than yourself. Of course, if you were the unfortunate person to have been injured you’d be running full tilt to the closest trial lawyer for help; and yelling all the way about how “tort reform can’t apply to me!” Your words displayed insensitivity, narcissism and immature thought. That’s okay we understand your insecurity. We won’t reject you; because you and I both know you need Dave and all the other trial lawyers who protect you from those who could care less about your future financial or personal security. I know you want to apologize so if you’re too proud to do it publicly I’ll understand; you can send me a private email. I’ll do you a favor and pass it on to Dave.

  5. Gravatar for bill

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much...Steve - I apologize - I have been earning a respectable living and too busy to respond to your pathetic, sad, psychologically lonely response. You call me greedy? Huh? You are the troller...not me. The only other thing I apologize for is your family. They have had to live with your dim wit and your lack of a stable mental state. Maybe if you spent more time on your writing skills and the well being of your family instead of hiding in blogs, everyone around you would be happier. Think about it. Seriously. wait one day to respond, reflect on the things you were scared of in your life, the people you let down, then honestly respond. You can't just go through life blaming others.

  6. Gravatar for Steve Lombardi
    Steve Lombardi

    And what is your legal name? It's not me that has to hide behind a fiction.

  7. Gravatar for Gerry McGill
    Gerry McGill

    I was interested to learn some time ago that former Senator Trent Lott, one of the standard bearers of "Tort Reform", had no qualms about hiring a lawyer to file a lawsuit when his mansion in Mississippi was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Seems that a lot of people don't like lawyers until they need one. I spent nine years in the Coast Guard and the same boaters who hated me when I wrote a citation for some boating violation loved me when they were sinking. That's why when I travel and run across a Highway Patrolman or Deputy Sheriff eating at a Subway or other fast food place I always say "Thank you". I might not be very grateful when I get a ticket but when I need help on the highway I know who I am going to call. In the spirit of the season I wish that Steve, who is a friend of mine, and Bill can put aside their differences or just agree to disagree. Life is too short to drink bad wine or bear grudges.

  8. Gravatar for Bill

    Gerry - Thanks for your service to the country. Not sure what the reference to Trent Lott has anything to do with this conversation... I never brought up tort reform - Steve-O did. I guess we will have to agree that Steve is a silly goose and he needs a hug for his angry heart. I wish him that this holiday season. All the best to you.

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