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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Building design and engineering safety aren't huge issues to most people, but I'm willing to bet they will be now for a South Dakota high school wrestler named Mike McCormish. The Madison High (South Dakota) senior was competing at an annual wrestling tournament held at his high school when a huge light fixture fell right on top of him in the middle of a re-start. The video shows it at the 1:02 mark!

The light fixture itself was a giant, iridescent-style light fixture that is used for the Madison Square Garden tournament (not to be confused with the famous Madison Square Garden in NYC). It is designed to provide a solitary spotlight on the wrestlers during their matches. One can only wonder if safety was compromised at the expense of theatrics.

Fortunately, young Mike McCormish walked away without any serious injury. That is amazing considering the fact that the fixture appeared to almost gobble up the young wrestler. His Twitter account, however, subsequently showed a photograph of his only injury from the saga — a cut to his forehead requiring stitches. The incident obviously ended the wrestling match between the two boys. The other wrestler was unharmed.

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