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Peloton Bike Pedal Recall
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PR7OP clip-in pedals can suddenly break while riding and cause injuries.

It has been reported that certain pedals used on Peloton bikes made between July 2013 and May 2016 are a “laceration hazard,” prompting  Peloton to issue a voluntary recall of the pedals.  These clip in pedals, the “PR7OP,” were used on approximately 27,000 bikes.

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission reported that about 120 purchasers of Peloton bikes notified them about pedals breaking.  Sixteen purchasers reported leg injuries, and 5 of these purchasers required medical care.

Peloton has many types of classes for its riders, which include the rider standing up and pedaling, “racing” on a “flat” surface, and pushing up a “hill.”

The part of the pedals that break are the axles; specifically, there appears to be a design flaw in the shaft and screw threads.  The faulty pedals contain an orange Peloton logo and the word “PELOTON” written in white, at the top of the cleat binding.  The logo and name in capital letters is also molded into the body of the pedal.  Pedals with just the word “PELOTON” in white and no orange logo are not being recalled.


Here are some tips (from Peloton’s website) for Peloton purchasers whose pedals have been recalled.

  • New pedals can be ordered by submitting this form; by submitting the form emailed to you by Peloton; or by calling Peloton’s customer service number at 844-410-0141 from 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., EST, on weekdays, and 9:00 A.M. to 6:30 P.M., EST, on weekends.
  • Click this link for video instructions on how to install the new pedals.
  • The only tool you will need to install your new pedals is a 15mm wrench.
  • Peloton’s customer service representatives are available at the hours listed above to help with pedal installation.
  • If a person is not comfortable installing the new pedals, Peloton will send a technician to your home for a cost of $100.00. Due to the pandemic, appointments may be limited in some areas.
  • Immediately discard recalled pedals. Do not save them for later use.

Indoor cycling is often used to help injured runners stay fit.  Although typically considered a “safe” way to exercise, indoor cycling can cause injuries if proper technique is not used.  The risk of injury is increased if a pedal breaks, especially if the rider is standing up on the pedals and using high watts.

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