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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Nice-guy prolific pedophile predators may offend 200-400 times or more before being caught, if ever. Most don’t get caught. Here in East Lansing, Larry Nassar will go down in history as having been then the perpetrator of the largest university sexual assault scandal ever. How and why could this have occurred over 2 decades while employed by Michigan State University? Two former FBI agents with special training in sexual assault have offered analysis of what happened at Penn State years earlier in the Freeh Report and subsequent Clemente Analysis. Much earlier (1999), yet another Special Agent (Ret.) of the Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI, Kenneth Lanning, concluded, “Society’s attitude about child sexual abuse and exploitation can be summed up in one word: denial.”

Clemente wrote in 2013:

The “conspiracy of silence” by victims, their families, and their communities that surround them is the result of multiple factors.  On one level, people are horrified by the idea of child sexual victimization and don’t want to talk about it or hear about it. Therefore, they do not discuss it with their children… Consequently, victims and witnesses are reluctant to speak out against “nice-guy” offenders.

While this was true to an extent here at MSU, reports of sexual misconduct by Nassar reached at least 14 MSU representatives, by at least 8 young girls and women reporting his actions beginning in 1997. I first started blogging about this scandal after reading Matt Mencarini’s Lansing State Journal article “They Just Didn’t Listen” December 19, 2016. And have authored close to a dozen since, highlighting the enablers and those complicit.

Perhaps the most infamous example of how MSU failed to protect young girls and women was the 2014 Title IX “investigation” and subsequent reports. The Title IX investigator and reporter was attorney Kristine Moore. After the botched investigation, 2 different reports were issued, with the claimant/victim not getting all the information the university got in the conclusion. They not only hid the conclusions from her, but also federal investigators, and when MSU got caught, MSU general counsel’s office claimed it was an “unfortunate oversight.” Shortly after this blunder that resulted in at least 50-60 more young girls and women being molested (probably over 100), Moore was promoted from the Title IX office to MSU’s Office of General Counsel, where she still works.  This behavior by a Michigan lawyer prompted me, for the first time in my 33 years as a lawyer to ask the State Bar of Michigan to review her conduct.

Make no mistake, the Army of Strong Brave Survivors will not rest until measures are taken to prevent this from happening again here, educating people and making the world more aware of “nice-guy” child molesters, and obtaining justice.

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    Kathryn Brautigam

    "Nice guy molester" you've hit the bull's eye.

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