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It's that time of year when you'll likely be attending holiday parties. But holiday parties can really take their toll on office workers, leading to cubicles full of sick and hung over employees. But you can avoid these pitfalls while enjoying holiday parties this year.

First, 80% of employees say they come into work despite being sick. Two-thirds of that group say that they come into work to avoid having to use a sick day, and even those who do take a sick day will come in while they're still contagious. Then there are those who call in with a hangover from their latest holiday festivities. Nearly two-thirds of workers say they know someone who has called in sick or ditched work after getting trashed at a holiday party the night before. Both of these problems lead to huge sucks on productivity, with workers leaving work early or coming in later, being sick at their desks, or suffering from poor concentration. Dr. Harris Strayner, president of the Caron Treatment Centers for addiction, says that there is already high stress and competition in the workplace. Drinking at holiday parties can tip that for employees, and lessen their productivity. Neverhtheless, most employers seem to be willing to take that risk this year with 83% planning year-end parties.

So what can you do to avoid getting sick and suffering from a hangover? Make sure to clean your office space; half of employees don't clean their work space once a week or more and have filthy keyboards. Break room sinks and bathrooms are also dirty culprits that contribute to work germs. Obviously, you can also exercise moderation at the holiday parties that you attend this year when it comes to drinking, or avoid drinking altogether. Remember these tips, and here is to a happy holiday season and a healthy 2013!

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