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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Last night, nationally renowned TV news magazine show “60 Minutes” featured former MSU doctor Larry Nassar’s involvement with USA Gymnastics.  Nassar made a name for himself “treating” high level athletes, including Olympians.  USA Gymnastics claims to have contacted the FBI in 2015 after receiving a complaint from an athlete, albeit 5 weeks after receiving the complaint.  Apparently, USA Gymnastics failed to inform Michigan State University.

Based on court filings, including complaints we have filed on behalf of the women we represent, MSU knew of Nassar’s conduct well before 2015.  Around 1997, at least 2 young woman reported to MSU head gymnastics coach Kathie Klages that they believed Nassar touched them inappropriately.  Klages told one of the young women, who was a minor at the time, that she “must be misunderstanding or reading into what Nassar was doing.”  Klages discouraged the girl from following through with the report by telling her there would be “serious consequences” to her and to Nassar.  Another girl, a few years younger, tells of being called into Klages office and being made to feel as though she was in trouble.  When asked if she had experienced the same thing, she answered yes.  Again, Klages brushed aside the information.

Testimony from the criminal hearing on Friday revealed that MSU was put on notice in 2004 through an associate professor as well.  This testimony is addition to the previously reported instances in 1999, 2000, another incident in 2004, and 2014.

As more and more information comes to light about Nassar and his history, the questions of who knew what and when will undoubtedly be answered.

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