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Justice Robert Young has sat on the bench of the Michigan Supreme Court since 1999. In his eleven years on Michigan’s highest court, Justice Young has consistently held in favor of large companies at the expense of individual rights. As a former insurance company lawyer, his record is disappointing, but not surprising.

On Tuesday, March 2, the Michigan Lawyer’s Chapter of the American Constitution Society will present a program entitled "The Michigan Supreme Court and Stare Decisis." The event, which will be held at Wayne State University in Detroit, will look at how the decisions of John Engler’s Gang of Four – including Justice Young – overruled important legal precedent in order to protect employers and corporations instead of individuals.

Thankfully, in 2008 the people of Michigan said "enough" to the injustices flowing from the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Cliff Taylor – with whom Justice Young voted nearly all the time – was voted off the bench in favor of Diane Hathaway. In 2010, you have the opportunity to protect your rights by voting against Robert Young and for a new Justice.

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