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One thing you probably shouldn't do to impress your friends is swallow a knife. But apparently one 30-year-old woman didn't get that message when she dangled a butter knife down her throat to demonstrate to her friends that she no longer had a gag reflex from years of Bulimia. According to reports, while daggling the knife down her throat, one of her friends made her laugh and the knife slipped from her grasp.

Luckily, doctors at Emory University Medical Hospital performed an endoscopy on her and were able to remove the knife without any complications. The woman was very fortunate not to suffer any consequences, as she was already beginning to vomit blood and experience stomach pains, signs that the knife was beginning to do damage to her insides. Her husband also told medical staff that his wife had swallowed a knife four years earlier and required surgery to remove it that time.

The story may seem laughable, but it surely isn't. Bulimia is a serious mental illness and doctors quickly admitted the woman to the psychiatric unit of the hospital after the endoscopy was complete. X-rays obtained by the Huffington Post are shocking and show the knife lodged in the woman's esophagus.

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