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As a happily married man, I haven’t flirted in quite some time. But according to recent research, if you’re looking for that special someone, flirting is still very effective. You probably already knew that last piece of information, but you might be surprised to know that flirting also has some other benefits besides getting you a date. Read on for 10 fascinating flirting facts:

  1. Flirting is good for you: studies show that people who flirt have higher white blood cell counts, which translates into better immunity and health.
  2. Batting your eyelashes isn’t the only way to flirt. According to scientists, there are over 51 "flirting signals" that humans use. However, the most common is actually the "hair flip".
  3. In some places, flirting is illegal. In Little Rock, AR, an antiquated law is still on the books warning that engaging in playful banter may result in a 30-day jail term. In New York City, another outdated law mandates that men may be fined $25 for gazing lasciviously at a female; a second conviction stipulates the offender wear a pair of blinders whenever he goes out for a walk.
  4. Lots of people flirt during their morning commute. In fact, 62% of people admit to flirting with the driver in another car and 31% of those flirtations resulted in a date.
  5. Flirting doesn’t need to occur face-to-face: 40% of people who meet online say that it’s easy to flirt with someone via email or AIM.
  6. In the Victorian era, fans were the ultimate flirting tool: a fan placed near the heart meant “You have won my love.” A half-opened fan pressed to the lips was an invitation, saying, “You may kiss me.” Hiding the eyes behind an open fan meant “I love you,” while opening and closing the fan several times was a chastisement, implying, “You are cruel.”
  7. Maybe cell phones are the new "fans"? Half of all cell phone users flirt using their phones by sending text messages.
  8. Don’t overdo it, though. According to the Social Issues Research Centre, the most common mistake people make when flirting is maintaining eye contact for too long.
  9. Sometimes seemingly flirty gestures aren’t really flirting: research has shown that men commonly mistake women’s kindness with flirtation.
  10. Flirting is universal: women across the world have one thing in common; they all flirt. That coy smile, arch of an eyebrow, averting their gaze have the same effect no matter the location. In fact, even birds, reptiles, and fish have their own special ways of flirting!

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