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| Grewal Law, PLLC

You might have heard the expression "smile or your face will freeze that way" while growing up. While there might not be too much truth to that statement, a smile is a powerful force that can increase your happiness. In fact, according to experts, a smile creates as much pleasure as 2,000 chocolate bars or winning $25,000 in cash. Don't believe it? Keep reading for more smile facts.

A British study conducted by Hewlett Packard using an electromagnetic brain scan machine and heart-rate monitor to measure the amount of feel-good value of various stimuli found that seeing a loved one's smile was worth 600 candy bars or $13,175 while seeing a friend's smile was worth slightly less at $225 or 200 candy bars. Individuals in the study ranked smiling as providing a high better than sex, candy or shopping (in that order).

If feeling good is not enough to make you smile more, you might also be interested to know that research suggests that the larger you smile, the more succesful you will be at love and at work, and you'll also be more inspiring to others and live longer. I know when I smile, even if it's just lying in bed at the end of the day, I always feel better.

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