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| Grewal Law, PLLC

One high school student received a pretty severe punishment after tweeting the f-word. Senior Austin Carroll, who used to attend Garret High School in Indiana, was expelled after tweeting "F*** is one of those F****** words you can F****** put anywhere in a F****** sentence and it still F****** makes sense." True, maybe this wasn't the smartest thing to Tweet, but to me it seems pretty harmless, albeit immature.

To top it off, Austin tweeted his slightly offensive and immature message at 2:30 a.m.–way outside the boundaries of school time. However, Garrett High School's principle doesn't seem to agree that tweeting off hours and off school property makes Austin's message any less offensive and serious. In fact, the principle even went so far to say that the school monitors their students' tweets using a watchdog system.

Austin is somewhat of a strange student–he apparently fought to wear a kilt on St. Patty's day and has also been known to tweet during school hours using school computers. Sure, the school administrators were probably frustrated by Austin's outlandish behavior, but wouldn't after school detention have done the trick? The school appears to be no longer responding to the expeling incident to the media on advice of its attorney, but students threatened a protest shortly after. Again, they were thwarted when the school decided to call the police.

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