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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Cincinnati, Ohio–Joseph and Andrea Coleman recently filed suit against a local day care center and the church that houses the day care center, alleging that two day care employees gave their child over-the-counter medication to make the child sleep during nap time. Specifically, the suit accuses the day care center and church of negligence, battery, and negligent supervision.

According to the suit, workers at the Covenant Day Care Center, owned by the Covenant Apostolic Church, gave numerous children unauthorized medication. While the suit doesn’t name the drug, the local police chief said the drug was Melatonin. The attorney for the Coleman’s stated that the family was unsure if the drug had harmed any children. However, Melatonin can cause side effects including dizziness, grogginess, headaches and confusion and some parents reported large medical bills for doctor and hospital visits as a result of their children taking the medication.

An investigation began after a day-care worker noticed a supervisor putting medication into candy to give to the children before their naps. As a result of the allegations and the ongoing investigation, the Reverend Shelly Hendricks said two day-care workers were fired on Monday.

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