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to a recent Michigan
Lawyers Weekly
poll, Detroit attorney Marietta Robinson would
easily win this falls election for a seat on Michigan’s Supreme
Court. The poll was conducted online and received over 4,000 votes.
The voting went back and forth, with Robinson behind early in the
voting process.

more than a week to go in the election, on June 10, 2008, Michigan
Republican Party
Chairman Saulius Anuzis was crowing about the
results, which showed Robinson losing. Anuzis said “When ordinary
folks have a choice, they will choose a judge who respects the rule
of law and won’t legislate from bench over the preferred candidate
of the ambulance-chasing trial lawyers association.“
Unfortunately for Anuzis and the Michigan Republican Party, when the
polls closed on June 17 Robinson was ahead by more than a 2-1 margin,
earning 73% of the overall vote.

poll reflected the views of the entire Michigan legal community and
confirms the dissatisfaction many Michigan
have with the current conservative majority on the court.
A recent University of Chicago study ranked Michigan’s
Supreme Court
(pdf) 42nd
in opinion quality and dead last in partisan independence.

has not officially been named a candidate for the Michigan
Supreme Court
, and the Michigan
Democratic Party
has not put forth an actual candidate yet. The
results of the Michigan Lawyers Weekly poll continues to fuel
speculation Marietta
will be the candidate for the November election. Considering the
national election theme of change this year, with both major party
presidential candidates promising change, it is shaping up to be a
good year for challengers to the status quo. Robinson, if she is to
be the candidate, has a large backing and represents change, putting
her in a good position to win if she does run.

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