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| Grewal Law, PLLC

While browsing the blogging world I discovered a post by Joanne Doroshow on the The Huffington Post with which I completely agreed. Ms. Doroshow was taking on the hypocrisy of Corporate America and Organized Medicine when it came to their positions on access to the courts.

It boils down to this. When it’s injured people who want access to the courts to protect what little rights they have left after "tort reform", corporate America and organized medicine blast the anti-litigation propoganda for all to hear. We hear about frivolous lawsuits, costs of litigation, and the threats to commerce.

But… when it’s corporate America and organized medicine that want access to the courts to rack up money on even the most absurd claims, the anti-court propoganda disappears. Most likely, these corporate entities are suing smaller, weaker entities to squeeze them out of money over things most of us would probably shake our head over.

So here’s the truth. When you hear television ads and see online postings talking to you about frivolous lawsuits and greedy plaintiffs, remember who is sending you the message. It’s probably a corporate entity that’s been suing over the craziest claims, but doesn’t want injured persons without million dollar bank accounts to have access to the courts.

Is that hypocrisy? If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck….


  1. Gravatar for Mike Bryant
    Mike Bryant

    This is so very true. There is such a difference between those that understand the constitutional rights of the 7th amendment and the important to our society of access to the courts vs. those that truly only want to hide from responsibility. Thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy.

  2. Gravatar for Lisa Lindell
    Lisa Lindell

    My husband was hospitalized for 108 days with burn injuries. His medical treatment was careless. There were mistakes and problems with the way this facility operated that resulted in life-threatening complications to my husband. We never sued anybody, instead I wrote a book about the experience and continue to tell anybody who will listen what happened to us in that hospital. In a cruel twist of irony, the insurance company wound up suing my husband. They didn't think he was burned enough. They came after him with an ARMY of lawyers. This dragged on for years, what a ridiculous waste of money and the very definition of a frivolous lawsuit. They even had a so-called expert, who never laid eyes on my husband, testify over the phone years later with regard to the extent of his burn injuries. They ultimately dropped the case, but not before spending years and several hundred thousand dollars persecuting us.

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