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A justice of the Michigan Supreme Court should be a person of utmost integrity. A justice should not resort to using racial slurs or vulgar sexist comments. But that is exactly what Justice Bob Young has done during official business of the Supreme Court. Watch former Justice Betty Weaver here read from a memo she wrote to the Supreme Court regarding Justice Young’s use of the "n word" and the phrase "slut" in discussions with other Justices.

Betty Weaver’s statements are not unsubstantiated claims. She had recorded a conference from 2006 and had Bob Young’s comments right on tape. This fact made Justice Young’s rationalization look pretty implausible. After the story broke that he claimed that had used the racist slur "n—-r" in a fit of passion, defending some poor powerless person.

Turns out, he said it while making fun of another judge, all in the midst of the business of the court. The transcript of that conversation can be found here, where the other Justices are clearly not interested in engaging with the racist remarks of Justice Bob Young.

Considering the fact that we know that Bob Young thinks it is okay for corporations to try and buy judges, maybe we should give Bob Young an extended vacation. He’s already been voted the worst justice on the Michigan Supreme Court, and I tend to think his conduct while on the Court demonstrates he is not fit to serve.

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