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Serving on a jury is one of our civic obligations – it helps us ensure that everyone receives the fair trial they deserve. A recent, widespread scam seeks to take advantage of this sense of duty to obtain your personal information.

A recent alert issued by the Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan describes the plot in detail. A caller claims to be a “jury coordinator” or other court official, stating that you failed to appear for jury duty. The caller uses threats of arrest and other intimidating methods to obtain your social security number and date of birth so he can “investigate” the matter or cancel your “arrest warrant.” As the Better Business Bureau reminds us, don’t fall for these bullying tactics.

This scam is only the latest devious example of identity theft. This crime can be committed in any number of ways, but this scheme is particularly underhanded because it undermines trust in our court system. Although identity thieves are constantly changing their methods, there are some steps you can take on a daily basis to protect yourself. Above all, be very protective of your personal information, especially your Social Security number.

If you suspect that you have been a victim of identity theft, take immediate action. Don’t wait for the fraudulent transactions to pile up.

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