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Remember Joe the Plumber? How could we forget him…according to the McCain/Palin camp he represented “middle America” and called Obama a “socialist” with “anti-American” ideas. However, ironically, it appears Joe, otherwise known as Mr. Sam Wurzelbacher, is no longer a fan of John McCain or Sarah Palin.

Speaking to a crowd in Pennsylvania, Wurzelbacher told the audience this week that John McCain is “no public servant”. Furthermore, in a recent interview with public radio correspondent Scott Detrow, Wurzelbacher stated: “McCain was trying to use me” and “I happened to be the face of middle Americans. It was a ploy.” When questioned on his sudden change of heart he stated: “I don’t owe him s—, he really screwed my life up, is how I look at it.”

Wurzelbacher also claimed that he no longer supports Sarah Palin because she agrees that she would campaign for McCain’s reelection. Ironically, while Mr. Wurzelbacher proudly and arrogantly questioned President Obama’s “Americanism”, he now claimed in the same public radio interview that “he’s one of the more honest politicians” and “at least he told us what he wanted to do”. It seems Mr. Wurzelbacher can’t figure out who he supports, but maybe it comes down to this: he supports the hand that feeds his 15-minutes of fame. Maybe some politicians will think a little bit harder before searching out their next "Joe Six Pack".

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