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Homeless Teen Graduates High School as Valedictorian 

Griffin Furlong has had a difficult life.  After his mother died when he was just 6 from Leukemia, he, his father, and his brother faced a series of hardships that left them homeless and lived in a series of shelters and rental homes to survive.  Even with an often growling stomach and uncertain future, Griffin managed to graduate with a 4.65 GPA from high school and serve as his class’s valedictorian.  He also plans on attending Florida State University this year to study Civil Engineering.  His story is truly inspirational, particularly when it’s so easy to get bogged down in the small annoyances of everyday life.

Friends Raise Thousands to Send Homeless Teen to College

Another obstacle to consider in Griffin’s life is the daunting cost of college.  While it is difficult for many to afford college these days, Griffin’s life circumstances obviously make it very challenging.  However, thanks to the generosity of friends, Griffin will be able to realize his dreams of attending college with their donations totaling $91,000.  Griffin’s teachers call him an inspiration to everyone; he never missed a day of school or skipped an assignment.  He also attributes his success to hard work, not natural intelligence, although many claim that’s the reason why he was successful despite his extreme hardship.

Teen Shares Message: “Never Give Up”

Griffin stated that although his mother wasn’t there to see him graduate, he knows she would be proud that he never gave up on his dreams.  He even wrote that saying on the inside of his baseball cap as a reminder, and hopes that others can take that same message to heart.  Wisely, he advises to not get caught up in the details of your past and instead use it to motivate you for the future.

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