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Whenever I get to feeling sorry for myself and thinking about how bad I have it, I am always inspired by the stories of others who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and somehow thrived despite the severe barriers they face. Take, for example, "Tish Unarmed", a young woman who was born without arms but who has nevertheless learned how to do everything we do with our hands with her feet.

Tisha was born without arms, the first of five children. At 25-years-old you would think that she has lived 100 years, considering her positive outlook on life and the life lessons that she teaches others. She went through physical therapy as a child, but she really credits her mother for teaching her how to use her feet to navigate the world. For example, her mother would sometimes dump a jar of beans on the floor when Tisha was a baby and Tisha would proceed to place the beans back in the jar one-by-one with her feet. She credits this exercise with helping her build dexterity in her toes.

Tisha was born without her arms and a shortened right leg. Doctors wanted to amputate her right leg, but her mother would not let them. Tisha says that she has never felt frustrated by her disability, and feels sorry for people who sit at home and throw pity parties. She is seeking to change the way the world views disabled people. She also has a number of YouTube videos depicting her daily life, as well as a Twitter page with many followers.

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