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The Health Benefits of Butter

I’ve always liked butter better, but until recently its been villanized as a health conscious person’s no-no.  However, a particular form of butter, Ghee, is becoming increasingly popular with foodies and health experts alike.  Ghee, a staple of Indian cuisine, is made by heating up butter until the milk solids are separated and removed.  Ghee is therefore not dairy, but purely saturated fat, which is essential to brain health, immunity and muscle recovery.

Doctors Warn Caution While Paleo Dieters Eat Ghee Up

Although Ghee is on the “approved foods” list for eating plans such as the Paleo diet, some doctors warn that we shouldn’t start consuming mass amounts of the fatty butter on a daily basis since the research is still limited on its health benefits.  However, some nutritionists say that Ghee is a health food and even suggest drinking two ounces in the morning to remove toxins from the body and fat.  Proponents say that you’ll feel better, including experiencing boosted fat-burning power, increased libido, better digestion of dairy products, and age better.

Where to Get Ghee or How to Make Your Own

If your’e convinced by the health experts’ opinions on Ghee, it’s not too difficult to find.  You can usually find it at your local health food store, savvy local grocer’s, or organic food stores such as Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.  You can also make your own by simmering unsalted organic butter until the milk solids form brown pieces in the bottom of the pan.  This takes about 15 minutes, and you can then strain these off and have the leftover Ghee.

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