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can forget the hanging
or butterfly
from the 2000
, or the extremely long
awaiting inner city voters and numerous complaints of
in the 2004
? While many people recall these stories, most people
simply shrug their shoulders and move on. However, there are real
concerns about voting integrity, concerns that need to be addressed
before another president is elected under suspicious circumstances.

am not claiming the elections were stolen outright, only pointing out
there are many instances of potential concern that, when combined,
cast doubt on the validity of the last two elections. Regardless of
the outcome in any election, people need to honestly believe the
winner was chosen fairly. When there is a cloud of suspicion
surrounding the validity of an election, it can erode the authority
an elected official has or cause people to believe their vote does
not matter. The
, a satire website, posted a video playing on these concerns
recently about the 2008
already being decided. There is always a bit of truth
in even this level of dark humor.

a more real take on the current state of voting concerns and how we
can improve the process, make sure you check out Stealing
America: Vote by Vote
. This new documentary film by Emmy and
Oscar nominated director Dorothy
is a fascinating look at the facts behind many claims of
voting concerns. The film presents interviews with voters, election
officials, and experts to portray a broken electoral system in need
of repair. Make sure to check out this film in your area as it makes
it way around the country.

a matter of full disclosure, I am related to Dorothy Fadiman through
marriage; she is my wife’s aunt.

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