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The surprising victory of Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Republican primary has shocked many observers. Few people thought the Sarah Palin-backed O’Donnell could beat the more moderate GOP party veteran Mike Castle. O’Donnell will likely face a stiff test against Democrat Chris Coons for the Senate seat vacated by Vice President Joe Biden in the blue state of Delaware.

As surprising as O’Donnell’s upset is, her stance on the act of masturbation is even more shocking. While the consensus in the medical community is that masturbation is a perfectly normal expression of sexuality, O’Donnell and the Tea Party seem to be of the scientifically outdated view that the act is harmful, at least from a moral perspective:

Although some readers may snicker about this subject, it is really no laughing matter. Medical professionals believe that the shame and guilt individuals feel as a result of condemnation by people like Christine O’Donnell is the one negative effect of masturbation. Unfortunately, squeamishness on this subject is all too common, as former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders could tell you. But for O’Donnell and the Tea Party to suggest that people reject scientific evidence and follow their moral prerogative is simply going too far.

This November, you will have a chance to have your voice heard. Be sure to exercise your right to vote.

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