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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Violating the trust under the color of his position of authority and endorsed by Michigan State University, Dr. Larry Nassar has scarred scores of young girls.  I won’t stand by and will stand up to this as I have done before.  “They Just Didn’t Listen” – survivors’ stories, records reveal how MSU’s inaction may have contributed to a “sexually hostile environment.”  She told MSU she was sexually assaulted by Dr. Nassar in 2014 – MSU told her she wasn’t.  This was the claim and that was the MSU Title IX Office investigation, “at that time.”

If it wasn’t for 2 women, one from California and another from Kentucky, this heinous, dark secret may never have come to light.  Last summer the Indianapolis Star broke the story of how the USA Olympic Gymnastics handled sexual assault complaints against Dr. Nassar.  He was considered a “well-respected” doctor.  Nearly 3 decades working with USA Gymnastics.  He was a faculty member of MSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine and a MSU team doctor.  Administrators must stop hiding behind privacy laws and allow the process to address sexual assault to become transparent.

Thirteen women and young girls have begun court proceedings against MSU and Nassar on a variety of claims, including but not limited to negligent failure to warn, train, and/or educate, negligent supervision, constructive fraud, and negligent hiring and retention.  The court papers allege sexual assault and battery, molestation, and harassment as well as “digital penetration.”   The Michigan Attorney General has pronounced that sex charges for the Olympic doctor are the “tip of the iceberg,” and this past Friday he was again arrested on a Federal indictment, charge with receipt and attempted receipt of child pornography and possession of child pornography.

Almost 400 gymnasts have come forward with allegation of sexual abuse.  Undoubtedly there must be more than double that still out there feeling alone, too traumatized to talk about this violation of trust.  Reliable places to report claims include:

Or you can contact me and I will help you.  You are not alone.  “One assault is too many.”


  1. Gravatar for Jc

    There he goes again! David Mittleman as the self appointed savior of patients from all those evil doctors practicing medical malpractice while they moleste patients on the side. David Mittleman has never met a competent doctor he could trust. In his world, only plaintiff attorneys (like him) can be trusted.

  2. Gravatar for David

    Jc I wish I didn't have to. If doctors like U and the medical community would police your fellow doctors instead of covering up for them I would happily do something else. Here not only did the medical community fail the people abused by this predator, from what I have read Michigan State University should have done more sooner.

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