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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Just last week I wrote about the tragic case of Malyia Jeffers, a little girl whose limbs were amputated after she suffered from septic shock while waiting for medical care at a hospital. Ultimately, a jury awarded Malyia’s family $10 million to help pay for her lifelong care.

Sadly, a six-year-old boy’s legs were also amputated after doctors at a Maryland hospital emergency room allegedly failed to diagnose his strep throat infection. The boy’s family is now suing that hospital, Baltimore-Washington Medical Hospital, for failing to follow standard procedures to immediately test for strep given the boy’s condition.

Eric Flynn Jr. was taken to the hospital about a year ago, and when he arrived, he had a high fever, swollen tonsils and unexplained hip pain. According to the lawsuit, what started out as a basic strep throat infection began to attack Eric’s organs after the doctor at the hospital discharged him with nasal congestion and hip strain. Eric’s condition apparently continued to deteriorate over the night and the family returned to the hospital the next morning. By that time, Eric’s condition was severe and doctors had to amputate both of his legs to save his life. Nevertheless, the hospital maintains that the care they provided was thorough and appropriate, and that his symptoms were not indicative of the severe infection.

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