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Samsung Galaxy Explodes in Teen Girl’s Bed

A 13-year-old North Texas girl got an unwelcome surprise from her beloved Samsung Galaxy S4 when it exploded in her bed during the night.  Ariel Tolfree says that she “loves” her phone and spends many hours texting her friends and using apps on the device, but was stunned when it set itself on fire in her bed.  She is now using her dad’s older Samsung Galaxy S3 since her phone is nearly unrecognizable after the incident.

Samsung Says Battery Ignited After Phone Was Denied Airflow

Following the incident, Ariel and her father contacted a local Fox affiliate in Texas and Samsung.  Samsung responded to the incident by stating that the phone’s battery likely overheated and expanded, leading to the explosion and small fire.  However, they also noted that the battery in the girl’s phone was not an original Samsung part and was a replacement rechargeable battery.  The company does agree that consumers should be educated on the fact that rechargeable batteries can become overheated if they are covered up and denied proper ventilation–such as the Samsung phone covered by Ariel’s pillow and bedding.  As for Ariel and her dad, they say that as the consumer, they have a reasonable expectation that the product would be safe.  Furthermore, they also say that if it’s that dangerous to cover a phone, there should be a warning clearly labeled on the phone similar to cigarette label warnings.

Samsung to Pay for Teen’s Damaged Property

It isn’t all bad for Ariel–Samsung has agreed to pay for her damaged property, including her mattress, bedding and pillow and to replace her melted Samsung Galaxy S4.  Samsung also asked that the burnt phone be sent to them so that they can investigate the incident fully.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that a phone has exploded this year.  In  April, a 7-year-old girl in Kazakhstan received third degree burns when her Samsung Galaxy S2 phone burned in her pocket.  The girl’s father refused to give the phone back to the company, although Samsung has offered to pay her medical bills.  The girl’s skin apparently peeled away when the phone was removed from her pocket, and the burn went all the way to the bone.  She required a skin transplant and a stay in the hospital following the horrific incident.  Several other incidents have also been reported with Samsung phones in recent years.

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