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Here's a scary idea: what if you could print a 3D gun from your home printer? It may sound like some kind of weird sci-fi movie, but it could actually be the future. 3D printing is already used to create toys and trinkets, but it could be extended to printing a working gun–which is actually cheap and easily accessible.

3D gun plans already exist on some websites, and combined with the fact that 3D printers are cheap, the notion of printing a gun is getting more attention. In fact, a 3D printer costs about $500 and a spool of plastic costs about $50. Ammunition typically costs 30 cents a round, depending on where you shop. While all of this might sound exciting, there are still many legal and material barriers that would have to be crossed before someone could manufacture a gun in the U.S.

First, there may be problems with the printing plastic being strong enough to make a working gun. Second, there are numerous federal, state and local laws that one would face when trying to print their own working gun. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean printing a gun is impossible–some people have already posted their results on their websites.

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